About us

Investment Capabilities

We are a multi-strategy alternative investment management firm, based in London and regulated by the FCA. We are licenced to manage funds as an AIFM (including our flagship Cayman fund – Haven Cove Absolute Return Fund) and can also provide portfolio management or sub-advisory services to clients. The investment strategies are systematic and look across both credit and equity asset classes, identifying the most attractive pricing dislocations and return streams to target in any given market conditions. The team is highly experienced, bringing a wide range and extensive depth of knowledge to the full lifecycle of the investment process.

Strategies & Approach

Our investment approach is systematic across both asset classes - Credit & Equity. The two strategies provide a diversified set of opportunities and uncorrelated return streams available to us at any one time and the ability to select capital allocation depending on market conditions. The strategies can exist effectively on a standalone basis but can also provide incremental returns vs risk when intelligently combining them.

A systematic, liquid & diversified strategy, which targets the persistent structural dislocations in the credit derivative space within a disciplined risk framework. The portfolio constructs a long risk book to provide a positive carry & theta profile optimised across the capital and term structure, alongside a short risk book, which focuses on positive convexity, rigorously hedging tail risks in an efficient manner.

A liquid long/short portfolio, diversified across factors & styles, using both fundamental and technical data sets to create a systematic opportunity filtering & investment process. The strategy seeks to construct a set of positions, which have diversified return drivers, but share features of attractive and/or asymmetric return vs risk profiles. The overall result is a consistent set of return streams, uncorrelated with major market indices.