About us

Investment Capabilities

Haven Cove Capital Management Limited is an investment management company specialising in Long/Short Liquid CDS, based in London and regulated by the FCA. We are licenced to manage funds as an AIFM (including our flagship Cayman Fund – Haven Cove Absolute Return Fund), and can also provide portfolio management and sub-advisory services to clients and separately managed accounts.

Strategies & Approach

We are a specialist in liquid Credit Derivative Strategies (CDS). These are constructed within a systematic framework, targeting relative value opportunities across a variety of themes within the sector. The opportunity set for alpha-capture within this asset class is significant, the barrier to entry is high, and pricing dislocations are rich. With our expertise, these can be targeted and harvested to generate extremely attractive risk-adjusted returns. The Credit strategies are then enhanced through an overlay (up to 10% allocation) of systematic liquid Equity Strategies which are designed to generate returns that are uncorrelated & additive to the Credit derivative portfolio, without adding marginal volatility.

The Credit Derivative Strategies systematically target dislocations arising from multiple factors/themes across the full CDS complex: value, term, technical, capital structure & volatility. The strategy isolates these in a manner which maximises returns (carry, theta/roll-down & MTM opportunities) whilst controlling spread volatility & default risk, and optimising for capital usage. Instruments used are liquid CDS index, options over index and tranches.